CVA Service

If you need an online CVA service our experts at CVA-specialists are here to help. With years of experience in company CVA’s, our people are professional and reliable and focused on helping each and every director, whatever the situation.

The online CVA service we provide is quick, efficient and cost-effective, making it straightforward and hassle-free for you to put your company into a CVA.

To begin, just complete our two-minute assessment which tells us a bit about your company. We need just a few details on your assets and liabilities so that our experts can consider your situation and determine whether a CVA is the right option. We will also give you a quote so you know immediately how much it will cost.

If a CVA is the best course of action you can then start the process online and we will ensure everything is handled properly throughout the process.

CVA Company

Our CVA Company was set up to give directors direct access to the CVA process and make it as quick and cost-effective as possible.

We want to take away a lot of the stress and worry when a company enters into a CVA, allowing you to move on with the management of the company free of creditor pressure. Our experts provide honest, tailored advice to help you through the process. From the beginning we look at your circumstances and your company figures to assess whether a CVA is a viable option. We will let you know about the options and give you a quote for how much it will cost to start the process.

You can then go ahead and start the CVA online. We believe this is a faster and more efficient way of doing things and helps to ease your concerns.

If you don’t want to start proceedings online you can call us or meet with one of our experts face-to-face as an alternative solution.


CVA’s can seem complex and scary, but actually the process is quite straightforward.

Basically a CVA is an agreement between a company and its unsecured creditors for them to be repaid a proportion of their debts over a period of time. How much is repaid to creditors will depend on the financial circumstances of the company and future monthly affordability. At the end of the CVA process, all unpaid debts are written off in full and the company is effectively debt free. At this stage it will be in a very strong financial position. During the CVA process the directors continue to manage all of the affairs of the company and generally speaking their only obligation will be to make the monthly CVA payment which is set at a level that is easily affordable.